Let's Work Together!


Discovery Call FREE

-15 minute call to see if we are a good fit to work together to achieve your health and wellness goals

Nutrition Coaching $45 *Limited Time Introduction Price*

-45 minute session meant to help you problem-solve some nutrition and lifestyle roadblocks.

-Address your immediate concerns and provide insight into whatever is preventing you from reaching optimal health.

-There will be no lengthy health history and there will be no roadmap laid out for you with handouts.

Initial Consultation with Follow-up $155

-A detailed overview of body systems and how to bring the top systems back into alignment with proper nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices

-Handouts with relevant information to improve your health

-Meal & snack examples

-1 week of email support after follow up appointment

-Ideal for those that need more help and support to get started or may have complex imbalances in the body

-Includes one follow-up appointment

-A detailed meal plan is available for a discounted price

Follow-up Appointments $40

-A 30 minute visit to address any major concerns and address any challenges that arise

-Further education and handouts provided as needed

12 Week Jump Start Program $650

-Includes an in depth initial consult plus 5 additional 30min follow-up appointments

-On going email and text message support throughout the 12 week program

-3 week meal plan designed for you

Initial Meal Plan Assessment & Meal Plan $125

-1 hour meeting to discuss optimal meals for you and your family, your likes and dislikes, and kitchen tools

-1 week meal plan that includes a grocery list and meal prep guide

-Tips for eating on the run and choosing the best options at your favourite restaurants

-Ideal for those that simply need more ideas as to what to eat when and structure throughout the week

On-going Weekly Meal Plan $75

-Includes a weekly grocery list, recipes and meal prep guide

Looking for something else? Feel free to contact me to inquire how we can work together.