Why Blue Spruce Wellness?

Amanda evaluates her clients’ nutritional needs by identifying symptoms that indicate health imbalances. She then creates personalized plans that include whole foods, lifestyle recommendations and supplements (if needed) to bring a client's health back into balance. Clients are also provided with the education to allow them to understand why lifestyle changes are needed to be implemented to achieve optimal health. Each client is started where they are at and are able to help design their roadmap to radiant health.

Amanda is able to create individual meal plans and recipes, teach clients to read food labels, provide grocery shopping and cooking and food preparation lessons. Beyond working 1:1 with clients, Amanda runs group programs and presents wellness seminars.

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Amanda is able to recognize food intolerance and sensitivities, blood sugar fluctuations, and causes of inflammation in the body that contribute to imbalances. She is also able to evaluate lifestyle factors such as stress, exercise, alcohol consumption, sleep, relaxation and how they influence her client's health. Amanda's favourite area of holistic nutrition is evaluating the state of one's gut health and how it can be improved for better digestion.

Amanda also takes into consideration the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit; and the importance of addressing these interactive factors which are unique to each individual to improve overall health.

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Discovery Call


Let’s get to know each other! During our first call, it’s all about getting comfortable and determining if my approach to wellness accommodates your lifestyle. We all have different needs, so let’s assess what Blue Spruce Wellness can offer you!

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Nutrition Assessment & Consultation


Let’s assess a strategy that’s right for you, without typical meal planning or diet culture! This is where we take the time to get to know your needs on a deeper level and understand your relationship with food and nutrition. This discussion will be relaxed and judgment-free every step of the way. Through this, I’ll determine which tools are best suited for your lifestyle while also providing you with recommendations. The best part is that it’s a two-way street, so I won’t just toss directions at you; it’s a friendly, collaborative back and forth!

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Personalized Recipe Plan


Personalized recipe plans are what I like to call my flexible spin on a meal plan. In a 60-minute call, we’ll go over your favourite techniques for prepping, food preferences and cooking capabilities. From there, it’s all about finalizing a plan catered to you and designed to bring joy back into the kitchen. The plan is designed to meet your nutritional and lifestyle needs, so you can explore new ways to prep and cook foods you love, while also fuelling your body in the right ways and ensuring your body feels good.

In our time together, we’ll keep things as fresh and flexible as possible so you can get the most out of the service! At any point, you can purchase an ongoing recipe revision so that we can reassess how things are going – specifically what recipes and ingredients are working well with your body, and also where we can improve!

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Wellness Check In


Additional calls and conversations can be booked at any time, no matter which program or service you’re partaking in! Ask questions that are on your mind, gain additional feedback, or reassess your current path. Let’s book a wellness check-in and catch up.